This page contains what every graffiti writer needs to know. Read carefully!


"Laws don't always make sense but anyone who disobeys the law should be willing to face the consequences, including the possibility that the police will break the law to catch you. When caught, NEVER let them punk you or sweet-talk you into a confession, even if it seems like they have all the evidence they need. If they had all the evidence they needed, why would they be talking to you? Never for any reason give them any information about any other writer. Snitches and shit talkers get stitches and need walkers." Taken from Bomb the Suburbs by W. "UPSKI" Wimstatt.

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Cops will lie to catch you. Remember this always! One of the most common things they will say is: "Your friend told us everything, you should tell us everything to make it easier on your self. Withholding information from a police officer is against the law. Do you want me to and obstructing justice to the charges?" This bullshit that they will always shovel out gets 90% of writers busted. Do not fall for their shit. The best thing to do is shut up and ask for a Lawyer before you talk. It is your basic right to have an attorney appointed to you. They will pay for it if you can't afford it. Your lawyer will make sure that you don't do anything stupid that gives them evidence to lock your ass up. Remember: if you are stopped do not talk to the fat donut eating pigs, give them your ID card and when they read you your rights listen and ask for a lawyer. He/She will help you out, trust them.

Try to stay off the Identification Numbers. (Numbers painted on the right hand side of all railroad cars.) These are very important to the rail companies. Most companies don't mind the painting of their property. There is a long history of train graffiti dating way before the NYC subways. Hobos and train workers leave their marks on hundreds of cars ever year in mean streak drawings. If you've never noticed this walk through your local train yard and find some. SO, stay off the numbers because chances are your piece will get either stamped and they will paint the numbers right over the top or they will completely paint over the whole piece. You don't want this to happen because they will stay up if you don't. If for some reason you accidentally paint over the numbers write them above your piece, make sure that the average person can read it without any troubles!

A tip for the fools that think that trains are for bombing need to wake up. Always remember that if you don't want to get flicks of what you are about to do, don't do it. there are not enough trains in the US to let wak shit roll around on them. Try to use a minimum of two colors for anything that you do. Keep America beautiful!

Keep any damage to the area that you are painting at to the trains only. Bombing the yards and breaking their property only make them angry and bring heat on the yard. Get in and get out without any signs of you being their. do this and you will not get caught.

Some workers are cool and won't bust you out to the 5-0 but most will. They really won't go out of their ways to catch some kids painting an old rusty train but if they have you they will make you pay top dollar for the damage and most time they will try to get you for other damage. Train tracks are federal property so it is a felony to do damage them, be careful!.

If you have any tips that I didn't mention let me know. Remember, never admit anything, don't talk to cops no matter how nice they seem (all cops hate writers and will use every thing that you say against you), don't paint over the numbers, be quiet and most importantly HAVE FUN being a part of American history.

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